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True Southern Style

Here is a Variety of Crafts That Blondies can do for you!

This was a Bridal shower. Blondies made the Burlap table cloth. All of the food was prepared as well. The old window had a Blown up picture of the couple.

This a magnetic board. This was a salvaged frame and repainted. Every thing on the frame is magnetic so that they can display all art work and pictures.

This is salvaged wood from a dresser. Bolted and screwed on are old kitchen knobs. It is a great piece of art work to display through out your home. Blondies can customize any name or word.

These Nautical inspired letters are just an example of what Blondies can do for you. Blondies can custom paint your childes name to any desired theme. All letters are hand painted with good quality paint that are guaranteed to last for years. They are coated with a clear gloss that protects the paint from scratching or flacking off.

This was a salvaged window. It was hand painted. On the glass are hand painted gold frames with family pictures. On the bottom of the frame is a quote hand written in cligrafy.

The window pains come in many different sizes. Blondies can get from 3 pains up to 12 pains. They can be customized to any desire.